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Who Is Karen Sangvin?


Karen Sangvin is a songwriter, musician and creative spirit who writes for own projects and other artists. Karen is also the founder of Copenhagen Songwriter Academy, the author of the OneDollarDIY and a part of a Mentor Group started by the danish songwriter union DPA.

The Vision!


After years and years in the music business, working as both an artists, an A&R, a booker and a music teacher, Karen decided to take all that information - all the golden nuggets, the learning and the mistakes - and build a bridge over the troubled water that the music industry is! Hoping to make it just a little easier for everyone else.

After reading this I now know exactly what I've been doing wrong,

and what and how to improve!

(Cirke Chérockee, singer)


You can't wish for a better colleague or teacher than Karen Sangvin! (Annette Bjergfeldt, award winning songwriter and author)

She has a lot to say, and I don't think that this is her last book. I am especially impressed with her writing knowing it's her second language. 

(Derwyn Christensen, editor)