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Make a living

Making a living out of your music is hard work - but impossible? No way!

Here are some things to consider.


The Ebook "One Dollar DIY" is your guide to the music business. Of course you know a bunch of stuff already, so why would you spend your hard earned money on the whole book? Well, you can simply download the chapter you need to answer your questions right now! (Note that the price of 1 dollar is without tax.)

Also the first chapter is FREE!

Presentation is key!

This chapter is free. For a reason! Far too often artists ignore how important presentation is. Well, it's key!

Release an album

You did the fun part. Wrote the songs. You know what to wear for the Grammys - here are the steps in between...

Low budget pr

How do you make yourself stand out from the crowd, when you don't have a million dollar budget? Here's some advice from those who have done it.


Make yourself interesting!

Also there's a perfect explanation to why your fingers tremble...


If you want to write for other artists

and maybe get a publishing deal,

here are some tips and tricks.


If the music is good enough you'll get the gigs, right? Put yourself in front of all the others with some insider tips.

and writer's block

How to keep yourself inspired

and deal with the all time monster WRITER'S BLOCK.


Sometimes it's easier to write if you

are told what to do! Here's 8 little assignments to kickstart your

creativity - that's 8 songs if you're good!